This Is South Africa

South Africa, land of inequality and assassination... I’m Mike Hampton, an anti-corruption activist. My book, ’Same Sh*t, Different Government’, was blocked by the politicians after 3,700 free downloads. In their effort to silence me, they’ve flooded me with court cases (S.L.A.P.P.) meant to imprison me. Consequently, I cannot speak freely but there are other important topics I can share.

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Wednesday Mar 23, 2022

Is Putin the muscular devil, Biden the grandfather of democracy and Zelensky the angel of Ukraine?
War should never be a movie made for TV. And Ukrainian lives should not be traded.
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Sunday Mar 27, 2022

South Africa's abstention vote at the UN has been treated as a vote for Russia. Do we not care that Ukrainian citizens are dying?
South Africans cheer loudly for Putin whilst worrying about their shares in McDonalds. Countries don't love each other; they only have politicians with self-serving agendas.
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Monday Mar 28, 2022

George Kennan, the USA’s respected post-WW2 strategist, and most responsible for the containment of Russia during the Cold War, was anguished by a vote to expand NATO:
"NATO expansion will prove the greatest U.S. foreign policy blunder of the twentieth century."
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Saturday Jul 23, 2022

Ukraine has lost. More need to say that so that peace is pursued instead of Ukraine abused. Look at your TV screens. Are heroes better dead? Are you witnessing a victor in the rubble? No outcome will change the damage which I'll list in this episode.
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Sunday Aug 28, 2022

Is the U.S.A. supporting Ukraine's far-right? Why did media claim far-right problems before the war and then dismiss Putin for saying the same? Why did Zelensky break his promise for peace? I discuss the OUN, CIA, Dmitro Yarosh and more.
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